Helen Bae Photography client impressions



"We thoroughly enjoyed our session with Helen. My son has always had the
brightest smile and infectious laugh and for months we had been frustrated
with our inability to capture his smile on camera. It was as if he came alive
during the shoot with Helen. At the end of the session, we knew we had a lot of
good material, but when the proofs arrived we were simply overwhelmed with
the results. Helen was able to capture all my son's different expressions and moods.
His eyes are simply alive and glistening in every picture. I was also thrilled with
the pictures of my family together. I will forever have a memento of my family's
happiness captured in time. Thanks again for the wonderful photographs."

Sujata & Nikhil, San Francisco

"I learned about Helen by admiring a beautiful black and white photo of my collegues' child
that was sittting on her desk one day. I ask who the photographer was and now I have
beautiful black and white photos all over my house. The whole experience was very casual and natural.
The low tech approach added to the no fuss - no muss atmosphere. It was easy to forget that I
was there to have my photo taken because the environment and pace was very easy and natural.
My daughter actually had a nap, a bottle and a walk during the photo shoot. It was wonderful to
not feel rushed or worried that I only had an hour for my daughter and I to pull off a few good
photos together. Helen created an environment that was very comfortable and safe allowing our
essence to shine through each photo. I would highly
recommend her to anyone and have!
Michele, Berkeley


"I am the mother of 3 children and sometimes it is difficult to focus
on the individual wonder of each child. During the photo shoot,
Helen was able to capture the unique personality of my littlest
daughter, Shannon. The portraits not only show her at her loveliest,
but also display her humor and her joy. Additionally, Helen made
it easy for both Shannon and I to relax and interact naturally.
Her photos catch our intimate relationship in perfect moments:
laughing together, playing and enjoying one another, nursing. And
she made mama look as good as baby Shannon! I feel beautiful in these
portraits and was proud to share them with my family. The only
problem I foresee is finding wall space for all of these amazing
works of art!
Tanya, Piedmont



"I highly recommend Helen as a family/baby photographer! Helen took photos
of our 8 month old baby and perfectly captured every little nuance about him.
Because she is a mom herself, Helen really understands how to work with infants.
She is patient, caring and most importantly a true professional. We will treasure
these photos forever.
Beth, San Francisco



"Working with Helen was wonderful! We had so much fun on the day of the photo shoot
and the resulting photos really reflect our son's personality and character. When I look at
our family pictures I fall in love with my husband and son all over again. I know these are
pictures we'll treasure for a lifetime.
Alice & Arne, Kensington



"i love taking photographs with Helen. She has a gift for creating a special rapport
with children which shows in the resulting photos. A friend who knows my children
well says that she captures the essence of each child, and this is true. Helen has
taken pictures of my children since their infancy; they are displayed throughout my
home and i receive many compliments on them. These are my favorite photos of the
boys; the simplicity and emotion of the pictures captures their most characteristic
looks and attitudes of Paul and Michael in a wonderful way. My boys really enjoy her-
even talking weeks later about the photo sessions at her home. I highly recommend her."

Liz, Oakland



"We wanted to have some very special and unique photographs of our first child Sonya
for ourselves and for our family who live all over the country. When we saw Helen’s pictures
we knew she was the right fit. Sonya was just six months old when we came to Helen and
during our sitting she was able to capture so many wonderful expressions—all the faces and
gestures that we adore about our girl. We ended up with a body parts collage that makes us smile
every time we look at it. The prints we gave to our family are their favorite pictures of Sonya.
We are looking forward to returning again and again over the years. I can’t recommend her enough!"
Fran & Keith, Berkeley



"We LOVE the pictures that Helen took of our daughter over the past year-
they capture her perfectly. I am so happy that we will have these beautiful
documents from Ellie's first year. Everyone who sees them compliments them
and many of our friends have also visited Helen for their own pictures.
One picture actually brought a colleague of my father-in-law's to tears.
Helen is infinitely patient and makes taking the pictures so relaxed and easy.
We cannot wait to visit Helen again soon to capture our family's next stage.
Louise & Bill, Oakland


"Helen's appreciation of children really comes through in her work. Her photography reflects
an artistic eye and great sense of composition. Her candid shots of our six-month old
daughter are absolutely wonderful and we'll treasure them for years to come."
Marie & Giovanni, Napa



"My experience with Helen was amazing! Her rapport with my 2 1/2 year old and my
7 month old was instant and the pictures she took captured their spirit. I was
specifically looking for someone who would find and photograph each of the many
expressions of my two girls to treasure as they got older, and Helen truly
delivered on this. I will definitely use her again as the children grow!
Thanks so much Helen!"

Stephanie, San Carlos



“My two girls are usually very reserved outside our family circle; however, after
10 minutes with Helen, they were laughing and having a grand old time! Because
Helen has a knack for making children feel safe and secure, she is able to capture
genuine moments of joy and exuberance on film that are priceless! The pictures
she took of the girls were all so awesome that the hardest part of the entire
process was deciding which pictures to finally get! Thank you Helen!”

Judy, Albany



"Helen's photography is truly sensational! Helen was able to capture
exactly what I wanted. I now have a keepsake of beautiful photos.
Everywhere I go everyone is impressed by the wonderful pictures of my
family. She captured the essence of our personalities. We wouldn't think
of using any other photographer!"

Yolanda, Danville



"Helen took beautiful photographs of our baby, but she did something more amazing
than that- she captured the personality of our family. Everyone who sees the photos
mentions that they can tell we had a great time having them taken, which we did.
I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who loves and appreciates babies more than Helen.
She made us feel completely at home, even though our baby arrived sound asleep and
drooled constantly. Helen told me that she could take a good picture of me, which
I doubted, since in every home photo of my baby and me I looked tired and sloppy.
The results thrilled me. I am happy to know that my daughter will be able to look at
these photographs some day and see clearly how happy her parents were with her,
and how much we loved her right from the start. Thank you Helen!"

Molly, Oakland


"Helen Bae was endlessly patient during our photo session, even though our then
6-month-old daughter Megan was especially squirmy and cranky. When my husband
and I left the photo session, we said “That was fun, but we don’t know if we’ll get
more than two or three good shots out of that.” But Helen got so much more than
we dreamed she could. What I love best about the photographs that Helen took for
us is how much they make me laugh. She managed not only to capture my daughter’s
sweet smile, but also photographs that show Megan’s full range of expressions—
whether it was the shot of a single tear rolling down Megan’s cheek to the one that
shows the sneaky look Megan gets on her face when she is about to grab a toy she
wants. And I can’t help but smile at a family portrait where Megan is more interested
in grabbing her daddy’s nose than smiling for the camera. We treasure these unique
photographs and I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten on them."

Kelly, Alameda


“I’d like to recommend Helen- she did an amazing job! Nomi wasn’t an easy subject
(I actually haven’t had her picture taken for over a year because of her dislike of
cameras and shyness of strangers) but Helen was able to get her relaxed and laughing
very quickly. Even without Nomi’s full cooperation the shots were creative and fun. She
is great with young children – she got very active/physical in her play with Nomi which
worked great at getting Nomi to be herself in a situation where she would have normally
been very withdrawn. I also have seen great photos that she took of a friend’s children.”

Breese, Kensington



"Thank you. What a joy, looking at those pictures. We can't wait to share them.
I expected to like the b&w ones better but I really like the color. It was such a fun
day, watching Tobin turn on the charm for you and the camera. We enjoyed
meeting you immensely and I was struck by your playful spirit."

Tracey & Dave, Richmond


"Helen captured wonderful photographs not only of our daughter but of my husband
and I and my parents. Helen's unique eye in taking the right picture is very apparent.
She made us all feel very comfortable and at home so that she could capture the right
expressions. Not an easy thing to do with a one year old roaming around! Helen
created a photographic memory that the family will forever cherish."

The Monaco family, Montclaire


"The arrival of our twin girls called for more than the standard 1-hour
sit and pose photo session. We wanted to have some great individual as well
as twin shots since we were never able to get any ourselves, and of course
we wanted everything at a reasonable price -- easier said than done.
Fortunately we have Helen Bae to thank for getting it all! Her love
for babies was evident during the photo session, while the quality of her
work became all the more evident in the resulting photos. Before our first
session we thought we would just purchase a few special prints, but we
loved the results so much we bought all the proofs and signed on for
additional photo sessions! Not a day goes by where my husband and I do not look
lovingly at our babies' photos before we go to bed, incredibly appreciative and
in awe of Helen's ability to capture their unique characters on print. I
know the day will come when our girls will look at the photos and feel the
same way too, which makes it all the more worthwhile to have worked with her."

Carolyn and Jeff, Oakland


"From our very first contact, I felt that working with Helen was absolutely
right for my family. I was taken away by how beautiful her website gallery
was and equally impressed with her ability to be easy-going and totally professional
at the same time via e-mail and on the phone- when it came time for our shoot, the
four of us (me, my husband, Helen and our son) all had a very relaxing, fun afternoon
together. Helen chatted with us openly; we felt very integrated into what was happening
and our son, who is usually very serious around the camera, was able to let his sweet,
silly self shine through and play with mom and dad. A few weeks later, the proofs came
in, and I am still astounded at how beautiful they are. Everyone who sees them raves
about how joyous we all seem in them and they are right - she captured the pure wonder
of our life with our baby boy better than I ever could have hoped."
Amy, Concord


“We feel so lucky to have found Helen to be our child's photographer.
Helen's unforced, instinctive approach to photographing our son has resulted in
gorgeous photos that perfectly capture the essence of our Ethan in a very natural way.
She has a great eye for capturing the beauty, spontaneity, and even humor in every
surrounding and every situation. And her fun and energetic personality has really
helped to get some great facial expressions out of each session - our photo sessions
with Helen feel more like playdates than stuffy photo-shoots! Seeing how fast our
'baby' has grown from infant to toddler, we're so glad we had Helen to help us
memorialize each precious stage of our child's life. A word of caution - while choosing
Helen to be your child's photographer will be an easy decision, struggling over which
photos you like best will be very, very hard!”
Ivy and Hugh, San Jose

Ivy and Hugh, San Jose

“ I learned about Helen’s photography from a friend, who had some fabulous pictures
taken with her son. I was so impressed with the photos that I flew from
Corvallis, Oregon where I live, for the primary purpose of having a session with Helen.
I was a little apprehensive because my son can be shy and sometimes takes a long
time to warm to new people. He also doesn’t always like having his picture taken.
I can honestly say that within 5 minutes he was completely at ease and having fun.
Helen was able to capture incredible photos, and we had a great time doing it. When
the proofs were ready I had a very hard time choosing the photos, because I wanted
every one! I would recommend her to anyone and hope to be able to go back to her
again for another session.”

Lisa, Corvallis Oregon

"Helen is an absolute delight. My 1 year old son warmed up to her right away and by the end
of the session, Helen had him in STITCHES from laughing so hard. I haven't seen him laugh like that
in ages! She is sparkly and that shine is transferred to her photographs.
I am delighted to have found her!
Keri, Berkeley





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